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Hi! I'm Bluestreak! I'm a sharpshooter for the Autobots! I really like this planet so far and i hope to get to know some of you humans. I hear you are squishy little things that excrete stuff to keep yourselves cool. Is that true? *rambles on*

(As stated, this is a Bluestreak RP blog. I do have seizures so please be careful in showing me things that flash quickly. This blog may contain things NSFW, mun is 23. I DO NOT DO STARTERS. If you want to do something, ask is open. Always will be.

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28th July 2014

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sharpshooterbluestreak said: She really shouldn't have wandered off. She knew that. And now she was paying for it. Everywhere she looked there were big mechs but none were her sire. She was terrified and curled on top of one of the stands, chirping in her distress.




The events were winding down and the Princes had their duties to the king and contestants, and whatever else Princes did during Tourneys - Bluestreak had never been to Iacon tournaments before, after all, so he was a bit unfamiliar with the whole… process… - so it left the young Praxian mostly to his own devices, milling about between fields and merchant stalls, sucking thoughtfully on a sweet as he mused about tea.

What sort of tea did Sunstreaker like? Was it the plain and practical sort with additives to make it sweeter? Was it elegant, fancy tea served in decorative cups meant to be paired with delicate little treats on platters? Or was it a middle ground? Perhaps a fine quality tea without the pomp and frills that much nobility demanded to reflect their rank. Perhaps the servants made it fancy because they wanted Sunstreaker to have fine tea. Or perhaps Sunstreaker brewed it himself.

Of all the things about the Prince to ponder over why was he thinking so hard about tea?

A wing flicked when he heard the little chirps, turning to scan the stands for the source and hurrying up them when he spied the sparkling alone. Was she hurt? Lost?

Not wanting to spook the child, he knelt down on the row below her, offering a gentle smile to the little flier. “Are you in need of assistance, my lady?”

Yes, a sweet little seeker. A crafty thing that can easily have bots wrapped around her servo. But she doesn’t care about that really. She’d rather have cuddles and wingpets. “Kay! Look for yous. You bruders too. Want meet.”

Ramjet chuckled, pulling his Bluestreak close and inclining his helm. “We will see. I look forward to hosting you and yours. Seeing as I was privy to the outcome of the archery tournament, I wish to congratulate you on your victory. You are a very good shot, and I commend you for it. You do your family and city proud.”

Bluestreak perked at the mention of archery, grinning at the mech that shared his designation. “Well well! Another archer! Congratulations! And no need to call us Lords. That title belongs to others.” Blue smiled kindly, chirring softly. “We are but a Knight and Captain. No Lords or high end titles unless you count the Princess.”

"Of course, My Lady Princess." Well Blue was very nearly around her teeny tiny finger. He rather wanted to cuddle her again - the sweet little sparkling against his chest had felt… rather right. It made his mind wander to places he knew it shouldn’t go.

No sense in longing for something that could never be.

Bluestreak ducked his head bashfully at the praise, offering a little half-bow and an anxious wiggle of his wings. “You are both most gracious, Sir Knight and Captain. I am quite flattered. Moonracer is quite the opponent for marksmanship - Next vorn she’ll take my title for certain, I suspect.”

Ramjet chuckled lowly, resting a servo on his mates shoulder plate. “If my mate is not with spark during the next Faire, he will likely compete as well. He is the best in Vos, with Lady Echo pushing him further, much like yourself and the Lady Moonracer that you speak of.” He chuckled softly, stepping away with a flick of his wings. “It is almost time for Lady Echos event. You two did promise to watch.”

Shylight chirped, perking at the mention of the older femme. That meant seeing Irony too! She chirped at Bluestreak, wiggling and reaching for him despite being in her Sires arms. “Sire, let say bye! Want say bye. Know sees lader, but want hug.” She looked at Bluestreak pleadingly, warbling at him with her wings trembling. It honestly left little doubt that she knew how to play the sparks of mechs when she wanted.

Bluestreak chuckled faintly, faceplates flushed at Ramjets words on sparking, shifting his hold on Shylight and moving closer to his double. “Only if he wants to, Shy. No sniffles if he denies you. Then it’s off to the Magick event. Lady Echo is going to be looking for our support.” He smiled warmly at the other Bluestreak, inclining his helm with a faint smile. “I look forward to seeing you again, Bluestreak. It’s been an honor to meet you.”

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28th July 2014

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28th July 2014

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28th July 2014

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Couture Outfit “The Crown Princess”

I have no boobs, but I want it…

Must be in Beyonce’s wardrobe.

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28th July 2014

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I decided to join in on the whole baby night fury - Toothlets - movement :D

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28th July 2014

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Probably the awesomest clip job ever.. Not my photo

I can’t imagine how long it took to shave that.

shit, that’s gorgeous…

He knows he is badass.  Look at him.





Probably the awesomest clip job ever.. Not my photo

I can’t imagine how long it took to shave that.

shit, that’s gorgeous…

He knows he is badass.  Look at him.

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28th July 2014

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petition to make young adult authors stop writing about girls whose lives change when they meet a boy

When she saw him time slowed to a stop.  He was so perfect and she knew her life would never be the same because she had finally found him.  The one.  The first boy she would ever kill.


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28th July 2014

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"It seems my only ability lies in my precision. That, and a fascination with those able to fly." He smiled faintly, wary and unsure where he could leave Shylight. There were so many around, and introducing Shylight would mean the sparklings would crowd and trigger her. He shook his helm slightly, trying to find a way to get his processor off of the problem.

"How does that work anyway? The magicks? What does it feel like, and how do you control it? I know very little of the craft, I’m ashamed to say." He smiled at the femme gratefully for her insight, heading toward the older hounds. He wasn’t fond of the distance, but since Shylight and Irony could fly he could live with it. "I know it’s not the pups, sweetspark, but here’s some quiet Hounds."

Shylight giggled and nodded rapidly, chirring her assent. “Kay! It be fun. Play tag too? Sire Rammy play tag lots. Hard tag, but fun.” She gently stroked Ironys wing when she settled, eventually tracing over the biolights. So pretty. She wanted to do that one orn. Make pretty armor with delicate twirly things. she looked at the older hounds, chirping curiously. “Is kay. Like all puppies.”

A smile, gently knowing. “Yet such strengths are valued no less than any other, be them stranger or no.” Echo replied, as she led the way towards the designated place. The paths she trod seemed to be looping around a little, but not a crowd was near them because of that. Some folk were around, yes, but most had their attention elsewhere and gave the Lady Knight and her companions good amount of distance.

"And my magick…I am unsure how to describe it, yet it feels…complete? Something of a cool rush. Like high winds on wings in flight. The control is instinctual, as I am unsure. On the description, that is." Irony chirred gently as her wing was touched, biolight luminescence following Shylight’s fingertips, glowing brighter at the touch. -Tag’s good. But! We’ll play it easier. Hard tag goes way too far.- The symbiont chimed, and on bond-speak: -I’ll keep optics on her, carrier. She’ll be good.- 

Echo answered along their bond, wordless communication that lasted for a second. -Very well. I leave her upon your wings. Have fun, but be responsible.- A cheery affirmative was the answer, and Irony began chirping to the hounds with Shylight. Said hounds looked just plain confused. “Be good with Irony, little one, and do stray not far from us.” Echo told the Seekerling, gently smiling. 

Blue hummed, nodding slightly even though he was a little lost. He never would understand that feeling. Not even his archery gave him the feeling described. It gave him peace, but not a sense of completion. “I see. The closest I think I can get to it, would be when I merge with Ramjet.”

He nuzzled Shylight softly, kissing her helm softly before setting her down. “Be good, my little Light. No tugging, and no hitting. We will be right over there, ok?” Blue pointed out the Archery range, reluctantly letting her go. He stood with a vent, optics darting between the range and Shylight. “Right. Not far. Shall we, Lady Echo?”

Shylight shirred her assent, smiling and patting Blues cheek. “Be ‘kay. Play nice!” Shy purred and kissed Blues cheek, heading to Irony with a chirr. “Tag good. Sire Rammy jus’ want help. No fly lots, so Sire want help. Want make happy.”

28th July 2014



Sorry I haven’t been on. Lots of crap going on and I got called into work. Will reply tonight when I get home, or tomorrow when I get off.

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28th July 2014

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